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Our products

As a specialized supplier of fine chemicals, we understand that finding reliable sources of hard-to-find small amounts of specialty chemicals can be a significant challenge for companies. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to search for a supplier who can provide the necessary materials, and working with a supplier who does not specialize in these chemicals can lead to quality and reliability issues. We offer a solution to this challenge by leveraging our extensive network and knowledge of the markets and products we serve to provide our clients with access to the specialty chemicals they need.

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When your product already exists

We specialize in the 

  • Sales

  • Storage

  • Sourcing

of (specialty) chemicals for companies worldwide. We will provide you with the specialty chemicals that are sometimes harder to obtain. Our production facilities and extensive network allow us to focus on the worldwide delivery of these chemicals.

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When your product doesn't exist

We are specialized in the

  • Research
  • Product development
  • Production
  • Audit
  • Quality control

of your (specialty) chemical product that isn’t available or simply doesn’t exist.

Our markets

B&S Group is able to supply every market imaginable, but most of our clients are active in three markets, pharmaceuticals, photography/imaging and food. Industries using specialty chemicals:

Flavors and fragrances
Food Products
Inks, dyes and pigments
Performance chemicals

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Quality and dependability are key considerations in this industry, aspects that Qurius Research takes to heart. The way drugs are being discovered and developed has changed over the years. Where initially most new drugs were being discovered, either accidental or deliberate, researchers nowadays focus more on metabolic pathways and the manipulation thereof. This had a significant influence on the production processes and its supply chain as well. Qurius Research has adapted to this market’s development and supplies clients world-wide with specialty chemicals.

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Imaging / Photography

What started out as a ground-breaking art form has, over the centuries, developed into a science as well. We create durable images of both the galaxies that surround us and the tiniest cells we can find. While the basic principle remains the same, a lens focusing reflected or emitted light on a light-sensitive surface, the chemicals that do the actual work have changed immensely. Qurius Research works with clients from around the world in order to provide them with the chemicals that are essential for their specific process.

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Our knowledge of the human body keeps expanding and with it our understanding of what our bodies need. We have come a long way from basic vitamin supplements. As we tailor our lifes, workouts and schedules to our liking we will become increasingly interested in what our food actually contains. And what it is lacking. Qurius Research can provide clients with a wide range of vitamins and other supplement ingredients essential to developing with this need.

About us

B&S Group is a trusted supplier of fine chemicals with over 30 years of experience in sourcing specialty chemicals that are essential to your production processes. Our extensive network and knowledge of the market enable us to reliably source the most difficult-to-obtain chemicals for our clients.

We understand that the complex and opaque chemical market can make it challenging to find specific raw materials, especially for one-of-a-kind processes. That's why we focus exclusively on fine chemicals, and our specialists work tirelessly to fulfill our clients' specific raw chemical material requirements.

Our expertise in sourcing fine chemicals allows us to provide bespoke solutions to meet our clients' unique needs. We facilitate the essential connection between market demand, manufacturers, availability, and product quality. We take pride in our personal approach, which guarantees our clients high-quality, dependable service.

At B&S Group, we hold stock for customers against forward orders, allowing just-in-time delivery of key fine chemicals. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you source the chemicals you need to keep your operations running smoothly.


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